Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs


- Again, all I seem to be doing is working recently, but on the plus side of this.. Peter Barlow casually came into work on Wednesday! He asked if we sold swimming gloves..which I thought was a bit weird but still, I've spoken to a famous person haha! Carla was also in with him, but I didn't see her as was stuck on a till!

- The weekend just gone was very busy and had a great time...Liam and I travelled down to South Wales as he was playing Dodgeball on the Sunday. We stayed with his half sister and her husband (who I met for the first time!) They are soo lovely and we had a great time. Wales won the Grand Slam on the Saturday which meant lots of drink was drunk and everyone was very merry! Then on the Sunday Liam played Dodgeball for Wales in an International competition! And they came second which they were so pleased with..so proud of him!

- Whilst we were away at the weekend, Liam's best friend rung him...his girlfriend is 5 months pregnant and they were finding out the sex of the baby. However, I told Chris to tell me at the same time as Liam, yet they both found it hugely funny to not tell me for a good hour after Chris and Laura had found out...typical boys eh?! But, the baby is a girl! And is going to have the beautiful name of Lilly Jade. I am soo excited! Especially as Liam has been asked to be Godfather so am hoping to see the baby lots! :)

- Continuing on with baby talk, Liam's sister in law is pregnant! They however are not finding out the sex, but the baby is due on the 6th September..all of my family are quite grown up so I am really looking forward to having babies running..well crawling around me and perhaps being called Auntie!


- Over the weekend, we were listening to the Spurs game on the radio (as all the pubs we went to were continuing to show the rugby..which I am quite glad for now.) Not long into the game as I'm sure most people aware, a player collapsed on the pitch. All we knew was that something seriously bad was happening. We were all just sat stunned staring at the radio longing for someone to say that Fabrice Muamba was breathing again...however, this didn't happen for a long while. I still cannot quite believe that it took the medics two whole hours to get him breathing again! But I am glad to hear he is in a stable condition and hope he makes a full recovery. That just made us realise how short life is..after all, I am nearly the age he is!

Other than that, the past week has been fantastic with lots of great news!

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