Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs...

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a good week.. (sorry for the late post, have been at Liam's and didn't take my laptop!)

This week has been a pretty good week for me..although have been working lots again, they haven't been late shifts so have had lots of time to see people and go out! 

  • On Wednesday Liam and I went to the cinema to see 'The Amazing Spiderman.' And yes, it was pretty damn amazing! I cried quite a lot too as I'm a big softie! I just loved it as there were comical bits like when he had been bitten but didn't realise how strong he actually was, a love story attached (as in the old ones) and sad bits too. It was just a great film, so if you haven't..go see it! You can also look geeky like I'm sure we did in 3D glasses!!

  • Thursday night after work I went round to my friends house to get ready to go out. Kay, Laura and I had a great time catching up and getting ready together whilst the boys all played fifa and drunk downstairs! I still need to put photos up on the old faceyb but here are a few snapshots :)
Laura, me and Kay-standard toilet photo!

Me just before we left with the boys playing fifa in the background!

 (I will soon do an OOTD post with this dress that I got from my lovely boyfriend for my birthday!)
  • Sunday I went round to my best friend Tasha's house..she has just moved house so I was helping to decide on colours for her room and think we have finally settled on two colours! We also went shopping in town (post to come!) and for a lunch date to Pizza Express..yum! We paid for one main meal and got another pizza for £2.50 which was pretty good. You can find other deals for Pizza Express here :)

  • Sunday evening Tasha came with me to watch Liam play football. - My Sunday evenings have ended up me standing at the side of the pitch watching him...but I'm not complaining as it's nice to see everyone especially when the girls watch too! Plus, the weather was gorgeous so I was stood in a dress and flipflops in the sun, which I didn't mind one bit!
  • I've been trying to be good and once again have a few things up on ebay! I will be having a blog sale soon enough, but for now please take a look at my ebay tab on the blog! Thank youu! 

Outs: I can't really say there have been any outs for last week, this week however.......grrrr, you'll find that out in a later post!

Hope you've all had a good week!

Gina xoxo

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