Monday, 30 July 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs...


Have had a great time the past week enjoying the tiny bit of sun we have had and catching up with friends and my boyfriend. 

Gorgeous blue sky we get once in a long while!

On a walk with Liam in the village x

Tuesday night I went to my friends house for a BBQ with all of her family. She has a few older sisters all with young families so was nice to catch up with them all..and we took part in a little bit of face painting...maybe didn't help that they were the face painters so we just had splats of paint all over our faces! Nevertheless, it was a great evening and nice to see them all.

Wednesday after working 6am-12, Liam and I drove up to Manchester as we had tickets for the first group game of the GB Mens football at Old Trafford for Thursday night. I had such a lovely time away with Liam, was so nice to just be us for a change and everyone seemed to be so happy as the sun was out, lovely weather, but of course all cheering Great Britain on!

Ice Lolly in Picadilly Gardens before getting the tram, London2012 sign, Outside Old Trafford, Line up and crowd singing National Anthem

I didn't think I'd get so into it as I have been, but on Friday night I was at Liam's and we all watched the London 2012 opening Olympics ceremony. In my opinion, it was a great ceremony. Although I didn't really enjoy the beginning showing Britain in history, I know it all appealed to all different age groups. I loved the music, Mr Bean and the spoof with the Queen however, my Gran loved the bits I didn't so there was definitely something for everyone! It has been so exciting watching all different sports..especially the gymnastics today which was so exciting!


Last week was a bit gutting...I have accepted my place on the course in Manchester to do a 2 year foundation degree. However, having rung student finance last week I then found out as I have already done a degree I get no funding whatsoever. Not one penny. Yet a man I spoke to the week before said I'd get max everything and even wrote on my notes that I would so some poor woman had to break it to me on the phone. I actually have no idea what to do at the moment.. am trying to save every penny I have and work out a way. But, I need to save £5,400 just for the first years fees let alone living costs...eek! So I will soon be having blog sales, many ebay sales, and also advertising spaces coming let me know if you would like to be a part of it. - Details will come on a later post. Luckily this news came before going to Manchester, so at least I had a pick-me-up to look forward to!

Does anyone have any tips on how to save any money or earn money quickly, either with my blog or just in daily life?! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Have a good week! 

Gina xoxo


  1. I am also experiencing this problem Gina, as I am applying now for my second degree! :( Do you have a job?

  2. Yes I have a job so am trying to save all I can from that..but it will no where near cover everything I need! How are you managing it?! x


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